Successfully delivered an important module AP4611: Current Topics in Industrial Nanoscience) (see link: 2 Industrial module marketing

Dr Sen has been given an opportunity to give a keynote in an International Conference “International conference of Advanced Materials Science”, Mumbai, India (see link: https://www.amsab.nmims.edu/speakers-1).

Dr Sen has been given an opportunity to present a keynote talk in an International conference on Nanomedical Sciences (http://www.isnscon2018.com/speaker.html) in January 2019 where  President of India is opening the event.  Proud to see in the list of speakers where Noble Laureate and all senior directors are speaking in the meeting as a part of our UKIERI project (www.uclannanomedicine.net) dissemination activity.


Great success story of 2nd International workshop at UCLan

Group photographs

Prof Mike Thomas, Vice-Chancellor of UCLan has opened our 2nd International workshop on Nanomedicine at UCLan on 16th January 2018

More information: https://uclannanomedicine.net/news-highlight/

UKIERI Thematic Partnership Award 2017

UKIERI Award for best project Governance


Article written in conversations (https://theconversation.com/meet-the-nanomachines-that-could-drive-a-medical-revolution-58107) stands within top 10 reads articles from UCLan

The Conversation Analytics

Group’s research has been highlighted in UCLan’s newletter (Post 22 issue, April 2017)

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Highlight of 2016


Special focus issue “Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications” in on the top journals “Nanomedicine” published on 27th October 2016 with Dr Sen’s Foreword as a guest Editor: http://www.futuremedicine.com/toc/nnm/11/21
 Dr Tapas Sen has been invited to deliver as an invited speaker for 2nd Surface Science & Engineering conference at Cranfield University, UK and exhibited group’s research activity on 30th June 2016: Photo Gallery : https://senlabs.org/invited-talk-second-uk-industrial-surface-engineering-event-present-and-future/
Dr Tapas Sen, Group leader has been included in the Editorial board of Scientific Report, Nature Publishing Group Journal from 27th May 2016.
Dr. Tapas Sen, Group leader has been invited as a speaker at Techconnect Dublin, Ireland on 25th May 2016 : Nanomaterials in Clean technology as an invited speaker with top industrialists, business leaders, media, venture capitalists and scientists: http://techconnect-live.com/speaker/tapas-sen/  (see vidoe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh0Pc2Emnwg&list=PLhH5fLvgO0Q1zSqh6jKpiY_nNNUjsrL14&index=5)
Photo Gallery: https://senlabs.org/photo-gallery-techconnect-ireland-25th-may-2016/)
Dr. Tapas Sen, Group leader has been invited as a speaker at European Materials Society Spring Falls Meeting at Lille, under Biomaterials theme (Multifunctional nanostructures for diagnostic and therapeutic of diseases) on 2nd May to 6th May 2016 http://www.european-mrs.com/2016-spring-symposium-r-european-materials-research-society): Photo gallery EMRS 2016 at Lille, France
 Dr Tapas Sen, Group leader was invited as one of the speakers at Business Rock, Manchester to discuss nano related emerging technology  (http://www.business-rocks.com/speakers.html).   He was a panel member in a panel discussion (http://www.business-rocks.com/headline-agenda.html): More information can be found in the following link: https://senlabs.org/business-rock-at-manchester-central/
 Dr. Tapas Sen, Group leader has been promoted to a new role “Reader in Nanomaterials Chemistry” from September 2015
 Dr. Tapas Sen, Group leader has been admitted as a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry hence a new title FRSC from 01st January 2016
Dr. Tapas Sen, Group leader has been invited as a keynote featured speaker at World Innovation Conference & Expo Washington, DC, June 14-17, 2015 on Nano-Water Technology in connection with group’s on-going International project (www.nano-water.org) Photographs click the link: TechConnect World Innovation_June 2015
 Dr Tapas Sen, Group leader has been included in the Editorial board of “International Journal of Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine” from Feb’15


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