19th March 2017


Special focus issue in Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier) as a guest Editor:

12th February 2017

Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial board of SciFeb Nanotech Reserach Letters

23rd January 2017

A New research grant awarded by UKIERI-UGC


23th January 2017

Dr Maneea Eizadi has been offered a 3 years post-doc in Keele University, UK

16th January 2017

Dr Gurpreet Suri has taken a job at spin-out, Bristol University, UK
27th October 2016: Special focus issue “Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications” in on the top journals “Nanomedicine” with Dr Sen’s Foreword as a guest Editor:


4th July 2016: Maneea Eizadi Sharifabad has successfully defended her thesis with excellent feedback from both internal and external examiners.  Congratulation to Dr Sharifabad
29th June 2016: Dr Sen has been invited to chair Nanoparticles theme for UK Colloids 2017 organised by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (
18th June 2016: Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial Board Member of International journal of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine (Opast publication)
27th May 2016:  Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial Board Member of Scientific Report, Nature Publishing Group 
02nd May 2016: Top read for April 2016 from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan’s monthly social impact),  2nd most read article from UCLan (Most read articles from UCLan_title).
25th April 2016: University of Central Lancashire published the success story of 1st International symposium FnmIa ( at University Press:
21st April 2016: 1st article to general public on Nanotechnology in conversation with Editor Mr. Stephen Harris:
 29th February 2016: Dr Sen’s publication has been listed as the most cited article from the Institution by Research Gate: Tapas Sen – Stats most cited from my institution 
Dr Yogita Patil-Sen has been awarded to a prestigious Royal Society Daphne Jackson’s Fellowship from December 2015 to December 2017
Dr Yogita Patil-Sen’s work on “Nanoparticles based drug delivery” has been accepted as a oral presentation in an International Conference “World Innovation Conference & Expo” Washington, DC, June 14-17, 2015


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