27th to 29th June 2020

Lancashire science Festival

02nd April 2019

Timeline for next 3 yeas have been published

3 years Tapas's development ttimeline

01st February 2019

Nanoscience activity and vision

UCLan Nano.pptx

8th to 10th January 2019

Dr Sen’s group showcased UKIERI project outcomes to 6th World Congress on Nanomedical Sciences at New Delhi, India

Delhi University outreach activity.JPG

15th December 2018

Vision for Society for Functional Nanomaterials and Milestones have been published

SFN milestone and action plan with event titles

19th November 2018

First article from UCLan-ECUST

7th September 2018

Dr Sen has accepted the editorship of Journal of Nanoscience and Advanced Technology

2nd July 2018

Miss Nisha Lamichhane ( has officially joined as a PhD student under UKIERI project (ht

9th May 2018

Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial Board of Advances in Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology Research (see link:


23rd April 2018

A new project for next 3 years with ECUST, China funded by Shenzhen Government is due to start soon.

Showcase new collaboration between UCLan_ECUST

15th March 2018

Successful in UCLan’s summer Internship scheme 2018 (project title:Enzyme immobilised magnetisable solid support for pharmaceutically important chiral catalysis)

26th February 2018

Video presentation of Nanoscience activity at UCLan during the 2nd International workshop organised by Dr Sen on 16th January 2018

See link:

18th January 2018

Dr Sen’s article published from UCLan has been cited more than 1000 times

12th December 2017

Group leader, Dr Sen has accepted a keynote talk at 2nd world summit on Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine Research at Oxford University, UK (

07th December 2017

Congratulation to Qurban for successfully defending his thesis


3rd November 2017

Group leader has just been awarded by NRI Welfare Society of India ( as Hind Rattan (Indian Jewel).  This is via an anonymous nomination by International Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) followed by an Advisory Panel decision on the basis of my contribution in Science as a non-resident Indian (see attached). The award will be given on 9th January 2018 in Holiday Inn, Bangkok.

Hind Rattan Award_January 2018Hind Rattan Award_January 2018

9th October 2017

Congratulation to Amritvir Kaur for successfully defended her PhD thesis


29th June to 01st July 2017

Nano-water Technology in the annual event “Lancashire Science Festival” ( at the University of Central Lancashire where more than 10000 visitors visited our booth.



26th June 2017

Mr Eric Jones has been appointed in water service company Veolia at Clithroreo, Lancashire ( due to his MPhil thesis on Nano-water technology.  Pleased to know that he has found this position just before his degree ceremony at UCLan scheduled on 11th July 2017

19th June 2017

Dr Sen has delivered a talk at Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University during his 4 days visit for a potential future collaboration


16th June 2017

Congratulation to Abdul Majid for successfully defended his PhD thesis.

9th June 2017

Dr Sen has delivered a talk at Delhi University during the project initiation meeting (


20th April 2017

Group’s research has been highlighted in UCLan’s newletter (Post 22 issue, April 2017)

Layout 1 – ThePost-12-v1

Layout 1 - ThePost-12-v1_Page_08

13th April 2017

Abdul Majid has submitted his PhD thesis under the supervision of Dr Tapas Sen (Director of Study). Good luck for the examination.


10th April 2017

Eric Jones has successfully completed his MPhil degree under the supervision of Dr Tapas Sen (Director of Study)


19th March 2017


Special focus issue in Materials Today: Proceedings (Elsevier) as a guest Editor:

12th February 2017

Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial board of SciFeb Nanotech Reserach Letters

23rd January 2017

A New research grant awarded by UKIERI-UGC


23th January 2017

Dr Maneea Eizadi has been offered a 3 years post-doc in Keele University, UK

16th January 2017

Dr Gurpreet Suri has taken a job at spin-out, Bristol University, UK
27th October 2016: Special focus issue “Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications” in on the top journals “Nanomedicine” with Dr Sen’s Foreword as a guest Editor:


4th July 2016: Maneea Eizadi Sharifabad has successfully defended her thesis with excellent feedback from both internal and external examiners.  Congratulation to Dr Sharifabad
29th June 2016: Dr Sen has been invited to chair Nanoparticles theme for UK Colloids 2017 organised by Royal Society of Chemistry, UK (
18th June 2016: Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial Board Member of International journal of Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine (Opast publication)
27th May 2016:  Dr Sen has been included in the Editorial Board Member of Scientific Report, Nature Publishing Group 
25th May 2016: Ireland Trade show, Dublin

Special talk: Sustainable Nanotechnology in Cleanwater (link:

02nd May 2016: Top read for April 2016 from the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan’s monthly social impact),  2nd most read article from UCLan (Most read articles from UCLan_title).
01st May 2016: Functional Nanomaterials in Industrial Applications sponsor to Local Cricket Club for 2 years

penwothram Cricket Club sponsorship

25th April 2016: University of Central Lancashire published the success story of 1st International symposium FnmIa ( at University Press:
21st April 2016: 1st article to general public on Nanotechnology in conversation with Editor Mr. Stephen Harris:
 29th February 2016: Dr Sen’s publication has been listed as the most cited article from the Institution by Research Gate: Tapas Sen – Stats most cited from my institution 
Dr Yogita Patil-Sen has been awarded to a prestigious Royal Society Daphne Jackson’s Fellowship from December 2015 to December 2017
Dr Yogita Patil-Sen’s work on “Nanoparticles based drug delivery” has been accepted as a oral presentation in an International Conference “World Innovation Conference & Expo” Washington, DC, June 14-17, 2015


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